Wit Or Witout - Testimonials


Rich P., Lawrence Township, NJ
An outstanding cheesesteak, offered chopped or "flat" (unchopped, old the school Philly way), with excellent bread. Very good fries as well. But the real surprises here are the hoagies, made with seeded rolls  and very generous meats and cheeses. I've oredered both an Italian and a turkey hoagie here and they were very very good (and only $5 on Wednesdays!). Another surprise here is the additional menu item of Philadelphia-style tomato pies, which are cookie sheet-sized rectangular pies topped with chunky, herby tomato sauce and grated cheese, typically offered in Philly-area Italian bakeries (Conshohocken, Coropolese, Marchiano's, Cacia's, Gaeta's). The version here is surprisingly good, with a good fermented dough, stretched thin and crispy, topped with a well made sauce and a good amount of grated cheese. Staff here is pretty enthusiastic about their place, and that makes for a nice atmosphere. I wish them well.

Kelsey M., Philadelphia, PA
Best place to get a cheese steak in Philadelphia! Great decor with great customer service. $5 hump day hoagies on Wednesdays AND they cater! Great food to have for your next event.

Storw, R., Philadelphia, PA
Wit or without is a nice steak sandwich shop. I prefer my steak flat not chopped. Very flavorful excellent rolls. Service and cleanliness above average. 5 stars on my last visit.

Sarah M., Philadelphia, PA
I got a small turkey club hoagie and it was delicious. The sesame seed roll made the sandwich but the turkey, bacon, and mayo were all pretty tasty as well.

R.B., Trenton, NJ
I ordered the tomato pie and was pleasantly surprised!  I ordered takeout so can't write about eat in.  I can say that it was very clean.  The person who took the phone order was polite as was the person at the register, even though there was a line.  As for my tomato pie, it was really good.  Gravy was sweet with a touch of garlic. The crust was thin and crispy WITHOUT being burnt.  I will be back.  Next time for a cheese steak and fries.

Victor W., Princeton Junction, NJ
Great food. I love the pizza. Great philly cheesesteak!! Great service  Nice atmosphere very friendly staff. Best place to go after a movie at the amc theatre for a good bite.

Nick P., Bordentown, NJ
Hands down the best cheesesteak around. I expected a mediocre chain style attempt at a true philly classic and was instead blown away.  The cheesesteak is exactly the way a true philly one was years ago. The meat is perfect and there is plenty of it. Unlike the other local places there is not a drop of grease. Top notch job! I'll be there every week.

Cathi M., Hamilton Township, NJ
My husband & I are both originally from Philly and agree your cheesesteaks are the best, even better then pat's & geno's!

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