Wit Or Witout - FAQ

The Wow Factor

What kind of experience do I need to become a Wit or Witout® Franchisee?

We take great pride in the qualities and character of our franchisees. Experience in management/ownership, food service, retail, marketing or other related areas are indeed helpful, but not absolutely necessary. We are looking for people who love our Brand.

What are the minimum financial requirements needed to open a WoW?

$125k liquid

How much is the Wit or Witout® franchise fee?


Does Wit or Witout® require Franchise owners to be operators?

Yes, we prefer our franchisees to be owner/operators; however, owners do not need to run the day-to-day operations and may choose to hire qualified general managers to fill that role.

What type of training and support does Wit or Witout® provide?

Wit or Witout provides comprehensive training to prepare you to successfully operate and manage your business. Training is conducted in both classroom and in-store settings to balance your learning. Additional coaching is made available during your grand opening and beyond.

What type of ongoing support is provided by Wit or Witout®?

As part of our organization, you benefit from our experienced staff of professionals in the areas of real estate, project management, operations, finance and marketing.

Does Wit or Witout® provide assistance with site selection?

Yes. Once your agreement is finalized, we provide you with all of the site requirements to assist you in the selection and approval of your Wit or Witout® location.

How long does the entire start-up process take to open a Wit or Witout® location?

From signing to grand opening, the average new store development period ranges from 5 to 10 months depending on the city. This time will depend on your decision-making process and the cooperation of various external partners. Our goal is to have you up and running as quickly as possible.

Does Wit or Witout® offer financing?

No, we do not offer financing; however, we do provide helpful tools that will assist you in your business plan preparation to secure financing.

Does Wit or Witout® assist with Development Areas or Development Agreements?

Wit or Witout® is open to exploring development agreements with qualified candidates having sufficient multi-unit food service experience, capital and infrastructure to support the effort.